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Workout Iso-Fit l-carnitine l-arginine
4536 g

Workout Iso-Fit l-carnitine l-arginine is a workout drink that is responsible for maintaining the optimal energetic balance of the body during the workout. This task is carried out in two ways. Firstly, the energy reserves are supplemented by providing the appropriate portion of carbohydrates (poly- and oligosaccharides). Secondly, thanks to l-carnitine in Workout, the extra energy reserves are released from the accumulated adipose tissue. The additional factor influencing the workout improvement is l-arginine that indirectly reinforces blood supply and due to this oxygenation of the muscle cells.

Workout Iso-Fit l-carnitine l-arginine is intended for all people taking care of their postures.

Recommended use:

1-2 portions per day. 1 portion is 40 g of the supplement mixed with the amount of 300 ml of water or juice. The optimal application time: before the workout, after the workout.   

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