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Muscle Shot taurine
1000 g + 100 g GRATIS (bag)

Muscle Shot taurine is a carbohydrate and protein supplement that is responsible for providing the properly balanced dose of energy and building substance and, due to this, stimulating the muscle mass growth. Both the carbohydrates applied here (poly- and oligosaccharides) as well as proteins (milk protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate) possess a diversified absorption time, which makes Muscle Shot taurine effective not only directly after the consumption but also during the longer period of time. The additional anabolic factor is taurine which is necessary during the effort processes.  

Muscle Shot taurine is particularly intended for slim people in the course of building the muscle mass.

Recommended use:

1-3 portions per day. 1 portion is 60 g of the supplement mixed with the amount of 300 ml of water or milk. The optimal application time: in the morning after waking up, before the workout, after the workout.    

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